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Who's Got The Shakes (Tig)

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    Try to keep your drinking to a minimum and you will shake less, or if your like the guy that used to letter my trucks, We tried having him paint first thing in the morning and we had to wipe the striping off, Wait for the party store to open, buy him a 12 pack and we found him to be at his best between ( 2 to 4 beers )
    He was still okay up to about 6 or 7 and anything past 7 you would have to wait until morning again.
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    Another thing you might want to try: Turn the machine off that your trying to weld on.
    I had to tig weld ethyle Glychol tubes on an incinerator that still had a portion off it running, I had to reach way back inside the bulk head with .045 wire which made it almost impossible to weld with the wire shaking all over the place.

    So I agree cut you filler wire in half, I should have suggested that in my earlier post.


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      Who's Got The Shakes (Tig)

      Ethyl Glycol as in antifreeze is dangerous stuff. Avoid the vapors.
      CDC Comments in part:

      DESCRIPTION: Ethylene glycol is a useful industrial compound found in many consumer products, including automotive antifreeze, hydraulic brake fluids, some stamp pad inks, ballpoint pens, solvents, paints, plastics, films, and cosmetics; it also is used as a pharmaceutical vehicle. Ethylene glycol has a sweet taste and is often accidentally or intentionally ingested. Ethylene glycol is chemically broken down in the body into toxic compounds. It and its toxic byproducts first affect the central nervous system (CNS), then the heart, and finally the kidneys. Ingestion of sufficient amounts can be fatal. Ethylene glycol is odorless; odor does not provide any warning of inhalation exposure to hazardous concentrations.