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  • 252 confusion

    I bought a slightly used 252 last month, noticing some discrepancies in recommended settings -

    Example - both the online and pocket mig calculators, for 14 ga. steel/C25 gas/.035 wire - recommend 17-18 volts @ 240-260 IPM

    The manual for the 252, both paper and the front panel flip cards, call for 16.5 volts @ 190 IPM.

    That seems like quite a change to me - I'm working on a (mostly) lighter gauge project that I don't want messed up, so have been staying toward the lower side, leading edge of puddle (drag) or pushing/weaving (Vertical up and overhead), not very fast travel speeds - so far, no holes, decent-to-good beads.

    Can anyone explain this discrepancy between 252 info and Miller's generic calculator to me? ...Steve

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    It doesn't matter really since they are all just rough guidelines. The joint style and prep, stick out distance, welding position, travel speed, etc all make every situation different. You need to just fine tune settings to fit your application after starting with their recommendations if you have to.


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      Thanks - yeah, that's what I do, and you're right; it's the only way to do it, too many variations in everything - it just seems strange to me that Miller themselves can't make up their minds what to recommend for the exact same situation, even as a starting point... Steve


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        I have a new MM252 and set it at 16.5/190 for 16ga. work. As I weld thicker metal 10ga.-1/4" I find that I need to turn my settings down. At 1/4" the volts that Miller has just feels and looks to hot. You will have to play with your volts and wire speed some to get the best weld for your work.