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question about bobcat 250

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  • question about bobcat 250

    I have a 2008 bobcat 250 w/ the kohler that is constantly revving while on high. This stops while welding though. The solenoid that controls the throttle is continously moving back and forth. Any ideas what causes this?



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      question about bobcat 250

      Whoops, meant to say " is there any grinders, drills, battery chargers, or lights of some sort pluged in?


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        question about bobcat 250

        Also when was the last time you fueled it? Did you fuel anything else at the same time? If so does that have problems running to?


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          think I narrowed it down to stopped up idle jets in the carb.


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            May be but I doult it, many of these units even from new do the same thing, Basically the carbs are set up too lean on idle. so the fix is to merely close the choke valve slightly. Problem vanishes


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              I take it you mean the engine is surging.

              You could be looking at a governor sensitivity adjustment issue. Try moving the governor spring outward on the governor lever one hole and see if it improves. If it does but doesn't take all the surge out, move it out another hole if available. Note you will have to check/reset the maximum speed adjustment to spec.
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                I had a couple welders do the same thing.. it is the most aggravating thing. I got rid of one and ended up replacing the carb on the other. Seemed I tried everything else before that