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  • Big 40 Problem

    Ive got an older Big 40, gas engine. The engine runs great, but after sitting without being used for quite some time, it doesnt weld. If I turn the Fine Current Adjustment up to 100%, it will weld, but not anywhere else on the dial. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks

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    It could be the contacts on the switches are corroded some after sitting so long. With the engine shut off, try moving each switch thru the full range Several times each, 8 or 9 times at least maybe more. This may knock off some of the corrosion and make contact so it can work again. I've had this happen before on welders left outside for extended periods, and this method worked for me. Won't hurt to give it a try.


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      Thanks That worked a couple of years ago but doesnt seem to now, but Ill keep trying