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    Hey, Hawk. Glad to see someone from this neck of the woods. I worked at Heil from '89 - '91. I enjoyed working at Heil. I worked in the piping section. If memory serves me correctly, we would get truck loads of large sheets of flat aluminum. The sheets were put on a plasma table and 3 sheets were butt welded (mig) together, 2 wide 1 narrow. Then the plasma cutter would cut out the bottom pattern according to a computer program and the tank design. This was moved to a roll machine that put the roll on the body. The heads were stamped out and then they put in with the body (mig). The frame and running gear was all fab'd up, (mig). Once the frame and running gear was assembled, it was brought to me in the piping section. There were 2 people in piping, the welder (me)and a helper. The helper did all the wiring and all non-welding items. Plates for the ladder, fender brackets, piping flanges, valve racks, cat walks, hose brackets were all mig'd. All the piping, blow downs, ladders, hose trays, manifolds were all tig'd. Hoppers were mig'd to a large flange in a sub-assembly area along with cabinets, ladders (tig) and manifolds (tig). I think that is it, there is probably a load of stuff I am leaving out but that is all I can think of right now.
    I have some adirondack chairs at the flea market. They sell pretty good. I am working on getting some more up there. The 2 I have up there now have a white semi-transparent stain. I am using the money I make from my chairs to buy my welder. Let me know what you think of them, if you are interested, I can sell them directly to you for less