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Removal of AC capability

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  • Removal of AC capability

    I wish Miller and Lincoln designers would watch this video and rethink their decision to remove AC capability from their Eng. drive welders.
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    I can count on the fingers of one hand, the number of times in the last 25 years, I wished I had AC welding capabilities on my engine drives. And have fingers left over.
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      I have used the ac on my TB exactly 3 times. All 3 times were on a batch of drill stem that was going in a fence. It was magnetized and played heck with the 6010 I was using.
      So long as the machine has good ac aux power then you can use another machine powered from it if needed. Still, if it was available, I would pay more to have it.


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        I never welded on AC until I got a Dynasty and experimented with it on thin tubing and plate (3/16" or less). Not sure why, but it's less likely to burn holes using 3/32 6011 than on DC- in my hands. Since the Bobcat, I've found additional uses in restricted access corners and magnetized fence pipe recalcitrant to the ground cable winding trick. As a matter of fact, I regularly use all three polarities depending on the material thickness and weld type, mostly farm & ranch applications.

        I purchased a Bobcat because it had AC weld polarity.
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          AC capability

          I agree with most people here, i really use the trailblazer 302 AC output doing portable TIG welding with the HF-251 D , and it works awesome. I have welded lots with the inverters , but for the variety of work i do i like this setup. and for heavier work a guy can go DC and use the spoolgun. Stick welding with the AC is a very handy card to have up ones sleeve , it my not be used all the time but it can save a guys azz once and a while. I guess if the unit i got every pooches out i'll have to buy an inverter and run it off the generator. i sure wish they retained the AC capabilities , but i suppose they build what the majority of people want and use.
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            69 years old instructional video, way better than most i have seen on youtube.

            thank you for sharing.