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  • Bobcat starting

    I am using a Bobcat 225 [not mine] with a Onan engine. We were welding and everything was going great, shut it off for a few minutes and went to start and no go. There was no spark at all. Checked oil level and it was down to mark so we filled to line. Still no spark. I know there is a low oil cut out is there a reset somewhere? Any other ideas appreciated.

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    Its likely the interconnect engine harness. probably pretty corroded. You'll find it inbetween the engine and generator.

    If its ok, check the oil pressure sender, look for the engine coil, and the sensor is behind the sheet metal directly underneath it.

    If thats ok, and you have 12VDC going to the coil. then you have a failed trigger, and thats under the flywheel.


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      thanks,,, that's what I needed I'll go through the items you mentioned in that order. Your ideas are better than what the manual says and that's not much


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        Now if its that engine connector, you will have to cut and jumper a wire around it. Don't bother trying to fix it