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How would you repair this.

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    Originally posted by walker View Post
    Now THAT is Effin funny!

    Truth........stranger than fiction, huh?
    If you're not having fun at work you're not doing it right, that's our motto.

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    Some days you eat the bear. And some days the bear eats you.


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      JTMc, I cant say that I havent ever walked away from a job, I was commenting on that particular repair.

      They keep the frames so close to the ground that it only takes a few good drags to wear out the bottom of the tube.


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        I had someone bring me a trailer that he had ticked from DOT, had like 12 infractions on this rusty beat sucker, he must not have anything better to do than condemn it on the spot. I never did work on any over the road stuff for the guy but heard he did 6 months for a fatal, faulty equipment was part of it. Still trucking, still cant keep a set of lights working, couldn't pass a legit medical, behind the wheel anyway.