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Are All Carts For Dwarves?

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  • Are All Carts For Dwarves?

    Seems nearly all the carts I see for sale or home built are made either for dwarves or people who weld while sitting on short stools. :-) What's up with that?

    I set up my new 200 DX yesterday on the stock cart and it's the same way. I have to get on my knees to configure the settings. :-(

    I attached a photo of the cart I built before I got the DX and I'm pretty sure the DX is going up there beside the 211. I'll add a shelf below that one for the plasma cutter and the cooler. The Hobart stick machine is heading for Craigslist.

    Anyone want to buy a brand new "built for dwarves" 200 DX cart? :-)

    Click image for larger version

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    Miller 211 AutoSet
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX
    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42

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    One reason might be a lower center of gravity - especially with the puny little excuses for wheels they all seem to have

    Unless you will always be on a "pool table" floor, I would either go up on wheel size (and width) or not go too tall -

    Just my take - I've reached the age where caution beats "do-over"... Steve


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      Originally posted by stickermigtigger View Post
      Anyone want to buy a brand new "built for dwarves" 200 DX cart? :-)
      Possibly, if you are serious. Where are you located?

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