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  • question on tb302

    Ive got a tb 302. Generally weld fc with a suitcase. My ? Is lets say i set the dial at 25 volts. Machine says ive got 100% duty cycle. However when im actually welding it may be about 19 volts. Where or what does duty cycle cover, the dial setting or actual weld voltage?

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    100% duty cycle means you can sit there with the trigger pulled and not worry about letting the magic smoke out of your generator. Has nothing to do with voltage.


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      I know what your saying...but what im driving at is ...lets say i turn the machine up to where the digital read out is 30 volts. I know at 30 volts i do not have 100% duty cycle for welding. When in an actual weld, the display will read approx 5 volts less than what i set the dial on. So is the duty cycle what i set the machine on or what the display reads during a weld


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        I would say that the duty cycle covers what the meter reads while welding.
        You set the meter at 30 volts, but because of variances in things like contact tip to work distance, it will not stay on 30 while welding it will fluctuate. Unless you are using a voltage sensing feeder. Anyhow, I would go with what you set the meter on so that you dont exceed the duty cycle. JMO

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          Your duty cycle is 100% cv/dc. In cc/dc the duty cycle is 100% at 280amps.
          Your volt meter setting is not connected to your duty cycle by a mechanical means.
          The duty cycle is a recommendation that should not be exceeded.
          60% duty cycle equals 6 minutes of welding in a 10 minute period.
          Weld more than the 6 minutes and you'll heat your machine up.
          Get it hot enough and you get smoke?
          That said my friend Gary used to weld all day on scrapers with a Lincoln tombstone, with 5/32 rod/electrode, and it's still going.
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