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325 Airpak?

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  • 325 Airpak?

    Is there going to be a TB 325 Airpack?

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    Talked to the local miller rep he said no time soon


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      no time soon is right

      Seems like everywhere I turn rig welders are telling me what a complete piece of garbage these are. Shrink the cabinet with increased h.p., not seeing the logic there. No wonder these machines are breaking down. Why mess with the old T.b.302 it was a fantastic welding machine. Sure hope the injuredneers can fix it before they do any more damage to their name.


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        + 1 to what he said ^^^^^^^

        I cant believe how many of these units seem to be up for sale in the classifieds , and online. I think they could have just kept the TB 302 and offered the 325 as an option. Sounds great on paper but just doesn't seem to be panning out too good. I love my TB 302 and its AC capabilities for Tig Welding. I know some would say just run and inverter off the generator, but i really like how mine runs with the HF box. The Fuel consumption benefits would be nice, but mine isn't bad. What they need to come out with is an engine that runs on water instead of gas or diesel!
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          Air Pak

          The 302 Air Pak does CV/DC 350A,32V @ 60% Duty Cycle.
          That's what is said on page 17 of my owners manual, Section 4-1.
          Plus you get AIR.
          Good Luck,
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