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Trailblazer 325/ 12RC wire feeder issue

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  • Trailblazer 325/ 12RC wire feeder issue

    Hey hoping someone may be able to help, I have a 12RC wirefeeder hooked up to a 325 Trailblazer (350 hours), running .045 Blueshield T9 flux core with C25 gas, 28.5 volts (at the machine, 50' 1/0 cables and 50' 14 pin miller remote cable) about 380 IPM. The issue is, when the machine is at low idle (2420rpm on the display) and I initiate the arc, it sputters, then i have to wait for it to idle up before my arc is stable. This didn't happen for the first two days, and since I am fitting on this job, tacking becomes annoying. I have spoken with miller, and on my days off I am taking it in to get it load tested and check the fuel delivery. I have switched the machine from CV Flux core to CV solid wire and have yielded better results. How ever I can not get it to initiate a stable are from low idle. I have hooked my wire feeder up to an XMT 350 using my cables and it runs just like a 22A wire feeder does. Is there something I am missing? This is my first time running wire off a engine drive but I expected better.

    Also since my machine will be going in to service, does anyone know if I can hook up a 12RC to a Lincoln 305g?(my backup machine)

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    Engine fuel modulator is likely to blame for the sputtering.


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      Well its at the doctor today, so hopefully its something simple. I am picking up a Trailblazet 302 for the meantime cause I cannot run that suitcase off a Lincoln.


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        I guess in a bind you could run the xmt 350 off the Lincoln and run the feeder off the xmt.