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Syncrowave 250- no spark at points

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  • Syncrowave 250- no spark at points

    Serial number- KG234930

    Can't get high freq spark- CR5 will not engage when remote is triggered.
    I have 2 remotes- both work with 2 identical Syncrowave 250's.

    Machine stick welds fine.

    2 Miller techs gave me my checklist methods-

    • Backfeed 115 volts (wall circuit) to low side of hi freq transformer.
    Worked! Beautiful blue sparks (clean, shiny- gapped.008)

    • switched PC1 board from identical, working machine- next serial number : )
    Working board didn't help CR5- suspect board controls donor machine.

    • switched CR5 from same machine-
    No joy- CR5 doesn't function in remote.

    • switched S3 switch-
    Same thing- nothing, nada- no hi freq sparks.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks, in advance.

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    And the serial# is, umteen different diagrams.....


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      Serial number added. My apologies- I know better.

      Checked 14 pin receptacle- A to E,D,C,B. .2 volts ; (

      Gas valve cycles when control is switched from on to remote.



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        Thats a toughy, perhaps the on/off/ continuous switch is jammed. does the gas turn off post flow? Do you have the preflow option? Do you have both the output and heat controller switches in remote?


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          Originally posted by mjak View Post
          Serial number added. My apologies- I know better.

          Checked 14 pin receptacle- A to E,D,C,B. .2 volts ; (

          Gas valve cycles when control is switched from on to remote.


          Don't bother checking for voltages, there isn't any, other than the 10 VDC for output control.


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            Does not have preflow or spot time.

            Both remote switches are on.

            Gas flow does turn off, depending on timer setting.


            Do CR1 and CR2 affect hi freq?
            I could swap from working machines.

            How does hi freq receptacle/board function without power?


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              0-10 volts DC on C,E,D for control A&B are contactor circuit and thats it.

              CR1 is only for dc tig so hf start only

              CR2 runs the gas solinoied

              So if CR5 is indeed working, switches are in remote, and your curcuit breaker is pushed in, you will have 115Vac to run your hf circuit.

              Its likely though that CR5 is not working because you have a damaged switch


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                I have changed hi freq 'on/off/continuous' And remote/amperage switches.
                As mentioned, also remote/output- all from a working machine.

                CR5 cycles when remote output is on/panel.

                CR2 never cycles- post flow works when remote output is on, then swiched to remote.

                CR1 cycles when remote output is on and pedal is held or pushed after CR5 kicks. Hi freq is set to 'start'/dc tig or continuous.
                CR1 does not release until output is switched to remote.

                I could try switches from another machine but ???

                I have ordered new main switches. This one is not "mushy" but has a touchy spot that likes to be nudged.


                Tech guide/ trouble shooting-

                ?Fuse F1 in rectifier SR2 circuit

                ?Check resistance and connections of High Frequency Intensity control R13; R13 is 1.5 ohms ±10%.Replace R1 if necessary.

                Thank you for your patience : )


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                  I realize the tech guide fuse referred to a later machine.

                  Don't understand what R1 is re High intensity rheostat.

                  Is there a way to jumper the contactor (S3 ?) switch so that bad switch can be proven?


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                    Update !

                    The angels dance at the points : )
                    Beautiful, solid, strong.

                    Problem was in the remote circuit-
                    Swapped working CR2, didn't help.

                    Traced from CR2 back to PC2-
                    Easy to see burned ribbon RC2-6/RC1-A.

                    Swapped working PC2 assembly- voila !

                    Many thanks to Cruizer for all the guidance.