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help with thunderbolt

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  • HAWK

    Since the machine is supplied with #4 cables the Miller engineers must know that this is adequate for the cable length supplied. What you have in in place with the Lenco connectors and the #2 to #4 cable should work just fine. If you want to pursue the lug issue, then give NAPA auto parts a try. I have purchased several good cooper lugs in varying wire diameters and hole sizes. Is the problem that the lugs you can find to fit the #2 cable have holes too large to fit the screws inside the Thunderbolt? I have seen specialty lugs at electrical houses like Stokes Electric and Roden Electrical, not sure who may be comparable in your area, that have no pre made holes. Perhaps you could locate this type and drill the appropriate hole size.

    Try this website and see if they can help.

    Good Luck.

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  • bluepower
    Guest started a topic help with thunderbolt

    help with thunderbolt

    I want to replace the cables to a number 2 cable for both ground and holder..I took apart the welder in the shop and I see how easy it is to take off the old cable with the little lugs.The problem is my lugs are too big for the new cable to be replaced inside with #2's so I am just using the 4 it came with and cable connectors from lenco to add number 2 extensions.I just can't find a lug that will fit the #2 cable and that will also fit the screw inside of the welder.Any clues?