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  • 375 plasma settings

    What are some guideline settings for the 375 cutmate. I can't seem to find them in the manual, just the in/min for a given thickness, but nothing about voltage settings. I've read some other posts that say "run the thing wide open all the time", but that can't be right, or they would not have wasted the money on the dial ,right? I'm cutting some 1/8" steel diamond plate, and either I'm going to slow or my voltage is wrong, cause the cut is rough.

    Bought this and a new 251 this week......sweet. I've had a 130XP for a few years, never knew what I was missing..........

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    you know the manual should do something for ya.i know what you mean when you say won't make a flawless cut just yet.i seen plasma cuts look rough and the settings were much experience you got with pac?


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      Blue, not much experience, just playing with it at the dealer, and getting it back to the shop to do some test cuts. Problem is the diamond plate I'm cutting. If I go faster it cuts better, but when you hit the diamonds, you have to slow down(thicker)or it won't cut, just gouges. I tried cutting from the front, and the back. All standoff cuts, not dragging. I'm just thinking that there would be some quick calulations I could make to determine voltage, based on thickness and desired in/min.


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        if you are new at it.try getting one of those roller guides for steadier cuts and maybe try your hands on one of the circle cutters as well.You are doing it right.You couldn't show me some pictures of your cuts could you?I don't plasma arc cut.I use strictly oxy acetylene/lp.The plasma cutters have a great advantage of cutting material faster.The 375 is rated at 5/16 inch and 3/8 inch and Quality cuts at 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch and a Sever at 1/2 to 5/8 inch.If you were mainly going to cut 1/8 as your intention I would have suggested a Spectrum Thunder which has a rated cut of 1/8 inch and a quality of 3/16 inch but I see why you got the 375 for a variety of common thicknesses.I guess the only thing I could say is file the rough ends of the cut off but not to where it effects the fit up of the weld but that is as far of I know of PAC