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New miller digital elite question

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  • New miller digital elite question

    Just got my new digital elite hood and did a little welding to try it out and my only complaint is it doesn't stay flipped up very well. I have the knobs on the side as tight as possible. Is there something I'm over looking that will help prevent the hood from flipping back down so easily?
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    New miller digital elite question

    No it's a nice helmet but it creeps down on you when you want to keep it up.


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      Works better with age

      Tighten the crap out of those knobs, not yet, wait till you used it like 20 times. Also play with the sliders, changing the center of gravity a bit will help.


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        New miller digital elite question


        Have this exact same issue!

        Will follow this thread also

        Very nice hood but...

        You think for the $$ it would stay where you want it!

        Maybe one of the Miller folks on the forum can shed some light on this annoying issue.


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          Yep, same problem here.
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            Its a shame that this is an issue. Maybe if enough people post in here they will fix it I went with miller after my 4 year old speedglas 9100V broke last week in hopes it'd last longer than 4 years.

            Or maybe we need to add a counter weight to the top?
            Dynasty 200DX
            MillerMatic 211
            Hypertherm Max 42


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              I pulled the o rings off the pivots and that helped a lot.


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                I have the same issue and have tried several things in the hope of fixing it, but none have worked for very long. Keeping the knobs tight helps the most, but they strip out if you really crank on them. Adjusting the hood back closer to your face helps, but I hate it when my nose bumps the window or the hood hits my neck. When I first got the Digital Elite hood the detent button on one side was bent slightly and not dropping into the holes. I took that side apart and was able to bend the button slightly and this helped, but it requires additional attention about every couple of weeks because it wants to move back out of position. Removing the O rings and trying different O rings has also been tried with mixed results. I do mostly TIG and have just learned not to raise the hood as much as I used to. The hood itself works great except for this problem, so I've just learned to live with it. If Miller came up with a significant improvement for this I would be one of the first in line to try it.

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                  Yep, same problem.
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                    New miller digital elite question

                    It is auto dimming which means you shouldn't have to keep lifting hood up! It is a bad design, but the the titanium series!! Miller all the way!


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                      Thanks for your feedback on our helmets. It's always appreciated. We have received this feedback from a handful of customers and are in the process of updating the design of this mechanism. We cannot give a timeline to an updated design, but in the meantime, adjusting the depth of the headgear by moving the helmet towards the face can reduce the tendency for the helmet to drop down as easily, along with tilting the helmet all the way up so it engages the detent to help keep the helmet in the up position.

                      Thanks again for your posts, we always appreciate hearing from our customers.


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                        New miller digital elite question

                        Miller Welders;

                        Thanks for the reply and addressing this issue!

                        Love the helmet and headgear (minus this annoyance)

                        Maybe I should try and keep it down more as it probably does not need to go up as often as I put it up.