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    I'm looking for some direction. I have a windshield bracket from a '53 MG that fits the contour of the cowl. However after the bodywork was completed the bracket has a gap (1/8-3/16) along the curvature between the mounting points. My hope is to build up the edges of the bracket and grind a slightly new profile to match the cowl. The bracket is brass. I have a 180 mig w/ gas setup. What is the best process for this mod? I have read about silver solder, silicon brass wire, etc. which leads to my next question, can all these materials be chromed?
    This is purely a cosmetic modification.

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    Braze the part to add material recontour and then have it chromed.
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      Thank you for the suggestion. Can you recommend a specific brazing rod to use for this application? Any brazing tips you could give would be much appreciated as I have never brazed.
      Thanks- Mark


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        Well, most chroming shps have this service, as they are always filling bumpers and such. Being that you've never brazed, its probably NOT a good idea to start now, as you will likely destroy the piece


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          This may sound simplistic...

          but why not just redo the bodywork so that it matches the original contour??

          thus eliminating the need to modify and replate the windshield frame

          the MG TD-TF do not have very complex cowl curvature anyway... (was a transitional year so could be either)

          are you sure that the gap would not be taken up by a new windshield post pad/gasket anyway?? having owned a couple of T series midgets as well as other cars with wood framed bodies... they are not built to high precision... things may very well "snug up" when you assemble and draw fasteners tight..

          Moss Motors carries them..

          281-178 $7.15 PAD SET, windshield brkt. to cowl (2 pads)
          Note: Included with Major Body Rubber Kit

          Here is a neat video that, while not directly related to your question, does illustrate construction... AND is just plain FUN.!!!

          MG TD Body Build (36 minutes)

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