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Millermatic 135 Gas Regulator

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  • Millermatic 135 Gas Regulator

    I purchased a 135 in January and have had better sucess welding with fluxcore than with shielding gas. I am using a 75/25 mix. I get pretty poor welds and quite a bit of popping. I have made sure that I changed the polartity and the tip. I started with a setting of 20 and have tried different settings up to 35. I have also done a lot of experimenting with the voltage and wire feed. I talked to the welding supplier that I bought the unit from and they say that if I haven't been backing the adjusting screw out before opening the bottle that I could have blown out the diaphram. They are willing to give me an estimate to repair my regulator, but I have had problems with gas from day one. My unit was purchased on January 16, 2003 and the serial number is LC315805. I have heard from other users that some units came with defective regulators, could this be the problem?

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    Yes, there was a bad batch of regulators and you should contact Miller of the regulator manufactuer with your serial # of your regulator. They should tell you if it was one of the bad ones. When I got got my MM135 I also started with flux core and moved to gas, all I did was take out the wire and replace with solid and plug in the regulator, I have never adjusted it since. I have never heard of the diaphram blown out. MM135 is a great machine to run solid or flux-core.

    good luck, Patrick


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      I just looked at my regulator and couldn't find any serial number. It is made by Smith and has a stock number but no serial.


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        The regulator supplied with your machine has a
        1 year replacement warranty. Please contact me with
        your machine serial number and I will be glad to
        replace it for you free of charge.

        Kevin Schuh
        Service Technician
        Miller Electric Light Industrial Products
        [email protected]
        Kevin Schuh
        Service Technician
        Miller Electric Mfg. Co.