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millermatic 210.....please help

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    That would have been way cheaper than a board. I will source out the Q11 part and have the electronics guy at work change it and at least I will have a spare board. How do I find Q11 on the board, will it be labeled.


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      Originally posted by cruizer View Post
      Well if it isn't CB1, and your not between Ranges. then Q11 is shot on PC1. so either have someone replace Q11, or get yourelf a new board.
      i have same problem Cruizer! No $$$ for new board, can however have my electronics brother replace anything you advise. He can take board to work and repair every single resister you say.

      MODS/ADMIN******* Sorry for bumping old old thread but this is the best thread the entire interweb has to offer on the Millermatic 210 main board problem! All thanks to Cruizer! This thread is life saving
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        I have a Millermatic 210 and I'm looking for a spoolgun for aluminium welding.. Is the spoolmate 3035 gun the only spoolgun that can work with the 210? Is there any substitute gun that is compatible with the Millermatic 210?


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          HTP has a spoolgun they recommend for the MM210.

          I have no experience with that product but HTP ( is a top-notch company with an excellent reputation and superb customer service. Give them a call and you will be impressed. I've bought several things from them.
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