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  • Don't be hardheaded

    Just wanted to say, if you get something in your eye, go on to the eye doc and let him have a look.

    I somehow got a piece metal in my eye Monday evening. Thought it may have been flash burn, just a little irritated.

    Tuesday had some pretty good pain, had to finish a job so I thought I would give it another day.

    Wednesday, almost unbearable, was at the eye doc when the door opened. The metal wasn't hard to remove but the rust had to be literally drilled out.

    So don't be hardheaded, rust in the eye is a PITA.

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    Very rare I have been to the eye doc but when you need to go you don't have a choice. Had the drilling done once, weird. I have gotten really good at picking stuff out on my own. A magnified mirror & a bright light really helps.

    One thing the doc mentioned years ago that I never thought of is to close your eyes & brush off your hair & wipe your eyebrows. He said it's common for people to remove your safety glasses after grinding & then have something get in your eye because the small pcs. get stuck in your hair, hat, etc..

    Another thing to remember is you can't have an MRI because the magnet will literally rip out any small slivers in your eyes etc.
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      Magnetic Pickup Tool

      One thing that has helped me MANY times over the years is a SuperMagnet Pickup Tool...

      (that one will pick up 2lbs)

      or like this one

      (will pick 5lbs)

      I keep a clean one in a ziploc bag in one of my toolbox drawers... many times if a steel sliver sneaks past my face shield and gets into an eye... I can pick it off while it is still a floater before it embeds and does more damage...

      of course if that did not do it ... the doc is the only smart answer.... I have done the Dumb thing too many times and "toughed it out"..... ended up at the doc's anyway... just more pain in the interim...

      (really important to keep the probe in a clean sealed ziploc... otherwise it will be covered with filings and be useless for first aid)
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        I hate that little drill. I got a piece of molting slag in my eye with safety glasses and my hood on Laying on my side welding pipe. It was in my eye for about 36hrs and started to rust. This is good advice cause you can definetly loose your sight


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          I got a piece of glass in my eye one it won't rust so they can't find them. Like to have never found it finally after two days looking from the side the doc caught a gilmmer of it I was glad.


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            I am fortunate in that I have never gotten any metal in my eyes. About ten years ago I had an MRI, and when I listed welding on the paperwork, I created a panic in the office. Metal in your eye doesn't play well with MRIs.


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              Don't be hardheaded

              Y'all speaking the truth. Just last week was doing a demo job and had to patch the concrete ceiling in a few places. Using quick set mortar I had some fly off my trowel and hit my glasses. When I went to the bathroom to wash it off it got into the corner of my eye while taking off my glasses. Quick setting mortar will cure under water so I had a rather large chunk scouring my eye till I could finish and get to the room. Using a washcloth soaked with cool water and laying on my side In bed squeezing the water slowly to flush. Came out after a few painful hours.
              I used to be hardheaded bout wearing my glasses all the time but now its a no brainer. If I'm on the job site, I've got my glasses on period.


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                I'll have to pack up one of those magnets and I never thought of MRI problems, that's pretty scary.

                The doc said the worst thing was the hole the drill makes. He explained this bacteria that's everywhere ( I forget the name) and possibly even already in our eyes that if it gets in the hole you'll loose your eye in two days.

                He prescribed antibiotic drops and pain relief drops.

                He is the first doctor ever that has said my number is in the phone book, call anytime any day if there is a problem.

                His receptionist said the same thing. That goes for everybody, not just me. Had no appointment just walked in and was seen in minutes and never been there before.

                He removed the metal, cleaned out the rust and chewed my butt a little for admitting I drive without my glasses, LOL

                Old fashion doctor for sure. The entire procedure was 75 bucks and he actually cares about people.

                Rare, very rare to experience this now days.


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                  Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post
                  Just wanted to say, if you get something in your eye, go on to the eye doc and let him have a look.
                  I heartily agree. Many moons ago, probably over 40 yrs, I was helping a local farmer with some fencing, using one of these. but more worn out. It was missing a guide roller. Everytime it came down the piece where the hydraulic ram attaches at the top would hit another piece. That night I had an awful headache and could feel something scratching the inside of my eyelid when I would blink. Next morning, a trip to the emergency room to get the shrapnel out. Not fun.

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                    I've had the drill, weird feeling, almost like leaning against a big motor turning over real slow. I had a hot piece from grinding a still red weld burn in, had to drill it out.

                    The MRI thing is handled with an x-ray of your head. I had an MRI a year and a half ago, ripped out the rotator cuff and Scapula (totally screwed up the shoulder) and they had to x-ray my head before hand because I am a welder/fabricator.

                    A couple of months ago they thought I had a stroke, I just turned 65 and they think as you get older your mind and body start to fail. They put me in for an MRI and then stopped immediately. I had a piece of steel in my head. They checked the C scan and verified it was there and then told me they were going to resume the MRI but I was to stop them if I felt heat or pain. I didn't. But the images were zombie like in that there was this ragged black spot where the steel was. I figure a piece of grinding dust got in the scalp and found a home away from home and scabbed in.

                    No stroke btw, heart attack either, they still don't know what happened. I guess we can file it under the stuff happens. I'm 65 take no pills on a daily basis and prefer walking the 18 holes, and eat at least 5 eggs a day, makes the chickens feel like they contribute something to their upkeep.
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                      Don't be hardheaded

                      Yes anything that has to do with eye injuries is no small deal. Like the rest of you I too have had the removal/drill procedure. I am deathly afraid of doctors and it my wife brother ***** and a 12 pack to get me through the doors. Luckily they made me because I had two pieces in my eye already rusting and causing damage. We don't realize how important sight is until we have a vision problem. Just the other day I got a piece of slag in my eye. It ended up gouging my eye ball. Again antibiotic drops and dark shades. It was **** at work trying to weld and having a blob right where I need to see the weld puddle. Take care of your eyes people. Keep your hoods down and your rods dry.


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                        Originally posted by Kpack View Post
                        I got a piece of glass in my eye one it won't rust so they can't find them. Like to have never found it finally after two days looking from the side the doc caught a gilmmer of it I was glad.
                        Hate to see that Doc bill... 24hrs @ $360 per
                        Did you at least stop for dinner?
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