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Tiger Propane Torch

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  • Tiger Propane Torch

    In a recent thread someone suggested a tiger torch for heating and bending metal.

    I personally don't think it would do much good but having never used one I thought I would ask.

    Has anybody used one of these for heating to bend?

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    Heating - Yes !
    I doubt it would create enough heat to bend anything !



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      Tiger Propane Torch

      If you want to bend stuff get a rosebud oxy/acetylene head.


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        Tiger Propane Torch

        I believe it was me talking about the tiger torch and maybe I used the wrong term for the torch I'm referring to. The propane wand style with about a 2 1/2" pipe on the end. And for the bending of 1" round stock like the other post. On full blast it should work fine. People make forges with about the same idea of torch as the heat. Mind you I have never bent 1" bar with one. It should work fine and be cheaper than oxy/acytelene


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          Originally posted by SpyVSpy View Post
          If you want to bend stuff get a rosebud oxy/acetylene head.
          I did buy the oxy/ acetylene tanks and borrowed the rosebud setup from a friend.

          Talk about some heat, that's the stuff.

          I had used a rosebud before but didn't have a clue about this tiger torch.

          So thanks for all the reply's, its good to learn from you guys.


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            These burners are used for blacksmith forges and work on propane.

            Output ranges from 100,000 BTU/hr to 350,000 BTU/hr

            Don't need oxygen but they do require a high pressure propane regulator.

            The BBQ size ones won't provide enough flow.

            My friend uses one in his forge and can forge weld knife blades easily.
            It's a bit scary to watch as it will heat steel to yellow heat very quickly.
            You can make your own but he decided to buy this one and is very pleased.

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