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gasless ss mig?

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  • gasless ss mig?

    can anyone recomend a gasless/fluxcore wire for ss on a spoolgun? will already be carrying a bottle of argon for aluminum. really don't want to carry (or buy) a bottle of trimix. seen this on ebay, will this do?

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    That should work how good i don't know. We had a pretty good discussion of it on another forum about a year ago but i never tried it or saw any pics of welding done by it...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      The Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri was built out of SS panels. They were all welded together on site. I'm sure it would be hard to use a process involving gases. Must have been done with gasless mig/self shielding like what your describing. And that monument hasn't fallen down yet.

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        gasless ss mig?

        An excerpt from this site;

        MIG (metal inert gas) welding with an automatic electrode head, utilizing a shielding mixture of 75 percent argon and 25 percent carbon dioxide, was selected for joining the stainless-steel plates on the polished side only. Nondestructive testing with spot X-ray was used to check the welding both in the shop and in the field. Electrolytic cleaning removed the halos on the stainless steel caused by heat from welding.


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          I've always just used my 75-25 mix for mig welding ss... with good structural results. Appearance was a bit lacking though. the beads form nicely but appear rather dark and sooty looking. Also I've used ss rod for stick welding. It works good and is very easy to weld with.


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            gasless ss mig?

            Yup +1 on the SS rods. Makes awesome looking beads even for an "enthusiast"