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Running a Spool Gun off a 302 Diesel

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  • Running a Spool Gun off a 302 Diesel

    Goodmorning everyone, hope y'all are having a nice weekend...

    Here's my latest video, its another one I shot with Peter... This time, we're running an HTP spool gun welding up some Aluminum scraps, and we're running it off a 300 Amp Miller Diesel engine drive, "just because"

    Anyway, hope y'all enjoy the video... Happy welding

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    Enjoyed that, Thanks for sharing.


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      Never fond of the systematic guns. Much simpler to go with a Miller WC-24 and Miller 30A. Simply a better gun and parts are easily had,. That systematics control cable is a b.i.t.c.h. to fix. let alone the rest of the HTP crap. Why have a box to lug around,. That HTP / Systematics system is not worth the time. the money, nor the effort. As for remote, easy to twin a connection at the machine though its not often your gong to change voltages, Amps yes, but that is feed speed

      Nice Vid though

      Jeff Amos
      Weld Alert ltd

      35 - 40 CFH???, try 20 -25, 35 would freeze your weld too fast.
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        (35 - 40 CFH???, try 20 -25, 35 would freeze your weld too fast.)
        You know cruzier I could have went a life time without knowing that . That kinda of stuff from you guys is why I read this site.


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          Nice video, kinda a cool remote voltage control

          I thought the remote voltage control deal was slick, It would have been handy on a couple jobs i have had. I do have the Miller wc-24 and the spoolmatic, but this could be a decent option for the money and depending on how often a guy was to use it. I guess the fact it can be configured for almost any make of machine has a plus in terms of getting a usable rig. Liked the way the guy showed how everything was hooked up and seemed very down to earth explaining it. Overall a good video in my opinion.
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            For voltage control merely twin the 14 connection at the machine