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Millermatic 175 extension cord

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  • Millermatic 175 extension cord

    Hello, I have a need for using my new Miller 175 Mig welder outside, to weld patch panels on a old truck restoration and I would like to be as far as I can ( 120'if possible ) from my receptacle in my garage.I have a 30 amp breaker, approx. 9 feet of 10 guage wire that comes off my circuit breaker to the receptacle in my garage.The Millermatic 175 Mig welder says it requies 230 volts @ 19.5 Amps.I have thought about using either a 10-3 or 8-3 guage cord for making an extension cord up.Will I have any problems with this set up, or is there a maximum distance that I could go with an extension cord ? I don't want to risk damage to the new welder, but to work on the old truck, I will need as much distance as I can get from an extension cord.The manual said a max. conductor length of 66 feet, but it also said to use a Min. conductor size of 14 guage wire.Was the max feet of cord recomended, based on a conductor size of 14 guage ? thanks for any help you can give me in this matter.

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    10ga. wire is rated at 30amps up to 100 feet. I use a rubber coated "SOW" grade cable for my cords. Ask your local commercial electrical supplier for advice and the parts.
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      I would use 8-3 just in case you get a heavier welder later on. I paid $35 for a 25' piece of SOW w/o plug or receptacle. 10-3 is a bit cheaper. Got mine from Welding Depot.


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        The 10-3 should be fine for the MM175. But as Cope says, if you ever plan on upgrading, might as well do the 8-3 and get it over with. If not, the 10 is fine.



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          BRwelders is advertising an 8-3 50' extension cord complete for around $60-70. That's a good deal.