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what are your prefered work boots? laceup or pull ons?

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    I have herd a lot about red wings .. I will probably go find some an try them out... I have some danners I like but sometimes they tend to hurt my feet ...


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      Chipawa (spelling) loggers for me. They are comfy and tuft plus the factory will rebuild them at half the price.
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        Lace-ups with Zippers

        You can always add zippers to in place of the laces. I did this and they are faster on and off, well worth $20 or whatever. And when the boots need not be secure, you can unzip and cool off for a bit.


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          Originally posted by Precision View Post
          I've owned a number of boots over the past few years and for myself I like Rocky Original Ride boots. First I take the leather mudflap off the toes then I use Mink Oil on em. It waterproofs em a lil more and everything just bounces off of em. Knock on wood but have never had any sparks or cherry bombs go off in these boots. Work ten to twelve and feet and back feel, well pretty darn goo for this dinosaur.
          I agree also, I have rocky's and have really good luck with my feet not hurting. 2733