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What's Your Favorite E6010?

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  • What's Your Favorite E6010?

    What's your favorite E6010 stick electrode?

    And why?
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    Not as harsh as 5p .. Runs consistent... Tried and true...have never run any other 6010s. My edit ...should have added I only bead pipe with these
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      I learned how to weld using Lincoln's Fleetweld 5P, I tried plus but it seemed mushy and less aggressive. I chased cracks on my neighbors wood burner 20 years ago with 5p and my Miller Legend and the welds are still holding it together.
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        Hyundai. Ive also run Lincoln 5p which were terrible. They were difficult to restart and when you did most of the time the flux would pop off.


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          Lincoln 5p+. I like to say there are two kinds of welders out there when it comes to 6010. Those like myself that do everything by themselves like the + because it cleans up so much easier, almost as a 6013 or 7014 removing the flux after a weld.

          Plain p on the other hand cuts harsher and is difficult to clean, it's like bad 6011 for that.

          I use either the Legend or a Trailblazer and absolutely love the plasticity of the + puddle. Vertical ups, most of what I do, are fun because the puddle is more like taffy than hot lava to work with.
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            Hands down... Lincoln 5P+

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              What's Your Favorite E6010?

              If your 6010 coating slivers and comes off/is hard to start dip the rod in some water. It's too dry.


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                Have too say the Lincoln Fleetwood 5p plus love them! But have used 5p and there okay, imho there better than any 6011...
                I have also used esab 6010 10 plus and there very good rods they don't seem to have as much arc blow and they easily come shiney clean
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