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Miller XMT 300 cc-cv won't power up??

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  • Miller XMT 300 cc-cv won't power up??

    Hi Im mark and I need help with my miller XMT 300 cv-cc my friend gave to me not working..about the machine i....I hooked up a cord for 220v to L1 and L2 for power, ground to screw on bottom case with ground screw..I think that is correct ..looking inside My simptoms are ..... inside I see two big caps with copper bar on top , thay look like there leaking ?? I can take pictures...problem #2 when I go to power up the machine I hear nothing (no fan motor)and see nothing on the display when I look at the boards I don't see any traces of any poping of doiads ,caps or burnt traces and fuses are good ?? so I guess what I am asking is to please help point me to the problem (what board to look at first ??) well thanks and Happy burning..Markusssss

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    I hope I did this right??



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      Check the ceramic looking fuses under the top cover. If they are good, then its best to have someoneelse diagnose the unit as its rather complicated.


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        Thanks Cruizer

        I checked the fuses there good but I think what I'm really trying to find here is a good techntion ,I am fimiler with electronics and work on tv and such as a hobby if you have any ideas I welcome them or if someone has a service manual that 4 sale that would be great Thank You again Cruizer