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  • Regency 200

    Just wondering if the Regency 200 is worth buying. There's someone selling one with the spool gun and it seems in good shape from the pics. Any idea what the middle range price would be?

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    A guy near here has a Regency 250 with a 22a feeder for sale he's asking $1,700.00 and its been for sale for a while if that helps. In the pics it looks in nice shape. I'd like to know if that's good or not too.---Meltedmetal


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      i think a regency is basically a millermatic power source. with a spoolgun and no feeder? depending on the year of the power source and spoolgun, I would think around $ 700- $1000 for the whole thing. just my opinion though. I don't really need any more machines or spoolguns so my view might be different.


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        I had a Regency 250, with a 22a feeder, had the digital wire speed and voltage meters and I believe I had 25 feet of cable so I could move the feeder around, it was a great welding machine, I wish I would never have sold it to my friend. I often wondered why Miller quit making it. it must be because the market was changing over to cheapie inverter technology. I still like the welding characteristics of a good copper wound transformer machine.
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          the info helps, when I go see it I'll see what type of shape it's in. Thanks, Tom