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need help- xr 30, no wire speed adjustment

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  • need help- xr 30, no wire speed adjustment

    Hey guys
    I got a miller xr30 push pull welder that I have been trying to get up and running...
    I currently have the suitcase unhooked from the power supply and its 110v plug is just plugged into the wall

    The drive motors in the suitcase and the gun both operate. I didn't have any wire speed adjustment so I replaced the wire speed petentionometer in the gun... didn't help! That lil plug on the computer board is set to INT voltage sensing. Turning the run in speed up or down doesn't change anything either.

    When i change the plug to EXT voltage sensing... the run in speed knob will alter the guns wire speed but not the suitcases speed and the wire speed knob on the gun still won't change a thing.

    Should I have it hooked up to the power source in order to diagnose properly?

    I don't know what's going on with this thing or where to start looking! Thanks for the help! Dan

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    OK now... with board set to INT voltage. The run in speed knob is raising and lowering the wire speed at the gun drive motor. But the suitcase drive speed never changes. I want it set on internal voltage detection, because I don't have the external sensing line.

    I thought run in speed was how fast the wire initially ran at the very first pull of the trigger. And then changed over to the actual wire speed after the arc is struck.

    Are the gun drive motor and the suitcases motor supposed to change wire speed in unison? Or does the suit case drive at the same speed all the time?


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      There's some vague information out there, on this subject... but from what I gather... the push motor in the suitcase runs at a constant speed no mater what. And any wire speed or run in speed adjustments only alter the pull motors speed?!!?

      Now I'm wondering... if because I'm not striking an arc, that the machine stays in run in mode, hence why run in is the only wire speed I'm getting.

      Maybe I need to hook back up to the power source


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        need help- xr 30, no wire speed adjustment

        Sounds like the same thing as jog mode. Perhaps when an arc is struck it will run at your desired feed. When no contact is made it will run the wire as if you we're changing rolls. Strike up on some scrap while adjusting speed and see if that was the problem. Hope you figure it out.


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          The push feed really doesn't do much cept feed the wire through to the gun head where the high torque motor takes over. This push drive is always set loose, ie, very little pressure. Not a concern on the speed of this motor especially with no wire in it.