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    I heard through the grape vine an OSHA training card is required by many places before they will let you come onto job sites and work. Seems they have a 10 hour and a 30 hour course.

    Anybody ever run into this, or asked for one?

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    yup I have 10 hr .This is true


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      Although any education/cert is a good thing it all depends on your type of work if it is needed or not. I have only done two jobs in the last 25 years that required a welding cert., the last one being about 10 years ago. I'm sure some guys need stuff like this every week but I don't.

      All I'm trying to say is when your trying to get going in business you need to pick & choose what you need as it's easy to go overboard & try to prepare for anything. Imo it's better to just work & when something comes up then deal with it. I understand that you may lose out on a job because you don't have xxxxx but you may also lose out on a job because you were at a class for something that you might never use.

      I have one customer that required me to take an osha fork truck class because I would use their fork truck. So I did it. Never had to have a fork truck cert in 25 yrs. up until 4 yrs. ago. & only for them. Again education is never a bad thing but don't get caught up in getting to many certs unless you know you will use them.
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        Yea, I'll wait to do those types of things. I can't predict whats ahead, that's for sure.

        Right now nothing but a broken down bush hog behind a barn. Only blood sweat and tears will be needed there.

        I'd rather do that type of work anyway for awhile. Maybe later if I grow up to be a welder I'll look into those things more.

        I had never heard of an OSHA card before so thought I would ask.


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          I have been running into more and more jobs that require both certs, and OSHA training. I have a steel fab shop, and we do alot of commercial projects. Almost anything government funded requires welding certs. I even had to get man lift certification.


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            Yup i have had the 10 and 30 hr courses and our shop is now training for the 10 hr one. Everyone must go that works there...Bob
            Bob Wright

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              The question in my mind is; Is this something where a guy actually learns something and therefore becomes safer, or is this just some OSHA method to justify their jobs and is, in reality, just a "card punch" that a guy has to have to get a job and no one really learns anything by attending these 10 or 30 hour classes??

              I guess my second thought is that this is one of those things that will just go away once the fact that the government is spending money on useless programs sinks in and this one gets cut. What are the odds of that happening??

              You probably get the idea that I am not too big on a lot of the stuff that comes out of OSHA. For example, the only OSHA approved "safety style" box cutter/utility knife that I have in my tool box is the most dangerous tool I own.......the older non-OSHA ones are perfectly safe to use unless you are a total idiot and then you merely MAY hurt yourself, whereas with the new OSHA one, you are guaranteed to hurt yourself unless you are super, SUPER careful with the danged thing!!
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                When I heard about this, It was said most of everything in the class is common sense stuff. Most people on here could probably pass without taking the class.

                I'm no fan of all the gov bs regulations.

                I just can't get out of my head that one day or many times coming, welders will be needed like doctors for sudden natural disasters or something along those lines.

                So its sort of like the preppers, be ready for it. Have plenty of consumables on hand and what ever else you need.

                Yea,I know, kind of out there. I need more in tools and equipment than an OSHA class.
                Just learning and adding a maybe to my long list.


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                  we get a osha 30 class every year along with steel ********,scaffold build,rigging training,asbestos training , and to answer the question yes it does come in handy most contractors dont care about your safety they just want the job done the classes inform you of what the right and wrong ways are of doing things as well as giving you the information you need to call in and report unsafe work acts, its always best to know more about the osha rules and regulations than your employer that way when a situation arises you have the knowledge to take the proper actions to correct and or report it to the right people, on top of all of that it helps you know how to be a safe worker and could quite possibly keep you from being injured or killed