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    I have a trailblazer which does not always step up the rpms when I touch the stick to the metal. Can , How can i fix this ?

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    I've never used this machine before so I'm probably ignorant in jumping in here.

    Is the engine governor mechanism clean and operates easily? If a governor engine does not increase rpm under load, then you might want to get it checked out.

    I had a sticking governor on my camp generator one time and found a mud dobber nest in the mechanism.


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      On the Trailblazer, the output current is sensed by a current transformer wound with the output weld circuit and aux power circuit. It sends a sygnal to the field current pcb to kick the idle up to high. It should do this if you plug something like a grinder into the 120 rec and run it. That is a good way to check the current transformer/pcb. If it still doesn't work properly, the idle solenoid may be getting the kick up sygnal but is too weak to pull the throttle up. I know this problem can sometimes be intermittent. Call MILLER service dept at 920-735-4505 and ask for Performance Engine Drive dept service and see if they had any updates for your machines serial #.



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        I tried plugging in the grinder and it did kick up the idle . The problem seems to be in the idle solenoid as you suggest . I will try the service dept . Thanks, Bill


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          Thanks All, I talked with tech support . It was as simple as turning up the idle about a 1/3 turn . It is supposed to be set at 2200 rpm Thanks again, Bill


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            10-4 Bill.

            Have fun!