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Cleaning Aluminum Tank Before Welding

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    Sorry to far away for me too.


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      Did any diesel fuel leak into the hull area? Diesel fuel contaminates the **** out of the weld. Although I think the possiblility of combustion is low, I still would be concerned.

      I am not a boat guy but what you describe is a tough one. Do you have any insurance coverage to help expenses? Pictures would certainly help to describe your damage. Can you see the crack? I think if I was to entertain this repair, I would suggest cleaning the gap between the hull and tank, bevel out the crack, seal the area between the hull and tank, purge the area between hull and tank with argon.

      Filling the tank with Argon would be better as Co2 and alum welding is bad. Suppied air respitory gear like a full suit is only way I would send someone in there. 5356 wire and argon cover would be my preference.

      What is the hull material? Any chance of doing the repair from the hull side?
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      • #18 would give this man a call. I'm not sure if he builds in aluminum but I would bet he can hook you up with somebody that can help you. The hardest part is going to be getting it clean enough to weld.


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          The hull IS the tank. IOW if you drilled thru the bottom of the boat you would have fuel running out. The bulkheads create the tank sides. Great idea until it fails.
          Whoever set the boat is liable if they can pay.... hopefully with their liability coverage.

          I say clean it, ventilate it and then tig it. Just my opinion.

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            Have you looked into having a fuel compatible bladder installed in the existing tank?