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Bad (leaking) gas solenoid on a new MM252

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  • Bad (leaking) gas solenoid on a new MM252

    Im having a bit of an issue with my new MM252 where the LP side of the regulator wont hold gas pressure for more than 1min (actually about 30sec) after the bottle is shut.

    I dont think this is normal because my old 130xp would hold gas pressure between the reg and the welder for days, literally!

    Pressure is holding fine between the regulator and the bottle.

    Checked all external connections for leaks with soapy water, and have none.

    Im thinking I may swap in my old regulator that holds pressure and see what happens. I dont imagine the solenoid inside is leaking?

    Video of the leakdown:

    Millermatic 135XP
    ThunderboltXL 225/150 AC/DC
    Millermatic 252

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    Anything is possible. If the swap doesn't solve the problem, get with your dealer or Miller. Either way, it is a warranty issue.


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      Remove gas line from regulator, put your finger over outlet port and try the test again. If that holds, then do the same with line attatched to regulator but not to welder. Maybe the hose has a problem. It could be something not letting the solenoid valve to fully seat also. With the hose connected to welder, put regulator end in your mouth and draw a vacuum and block with tongue and see if that holds. That is one of the easiest ways to check for leaks in items that have very small volume.
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        Did a bit of troubleshooting today and have it figured out.

        The regulator will hold LP side when unhooked from the welder. This means something internal

        Took off the sides of the machine and unplugged the hose that goes to the whip from the solenoid. Gas is leaking past the solenoid. Either dirt inside or bad seals etc. etc.

        Dealer has ordered me a new gas solenoid. Will have it next week. They also will go good for any gas wasted as a result of the leak. Cant ask for more than that! Shows the value of a good dealer.

        Millermatic 135XP
        ThunderboltXL 225/150 AC/DC
        Millermatic 252