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engine driven welder?

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  • engine driven welder?

    i have a millermatic 175, and a dynasty 200. I want to purchase a deisel, because imo desisel will last i wrong?.....a deisel miller welder that i can plug my dynasty 200 into on 220 amps. what machines should i consider? thank you.

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    Do you need a diesel welder or just a diesel genset?

    I guess it depends on what you are doing , and where you are doing it. A diesel genset would fit the bill i suppose, but if you need a diesel welder as well i would look at the big blue pro 300 , they have the output to run your other machines along with the added power output for stick and wire welding with larger wires if you get the accessories. The next question or concern is how much coin are you willing to spend? For the money its worth it to spend a bit more cash than if you just got a trailblazer 302 diesel, they are high rpm units and run like they are gonna blow up and are quite noisy. The pro 300 is more cash but you get more , along with a quieter unit. Look online , you might get a nice used one from a rental outfit a lot cheaper than buying brand new.
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