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wanted one for 20 yrs

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    4 banger....

    Originally posted by weldonwelding View Post
    Yep... previous owner didnt realize how rare of a car it was before he ripped the 4 banger out. But he owns a huge auto salvage yard with new and used parts so the parts were very easy for him to come by. He had it as one of his show cars , all the work done to it is spectacular.. very sound car. It was actually very rare.. the 4th one made, a convertible and a anniversary edition so if it was still stock it would probly be worth alot but then i wouldnt want it cause its a 4
    the 2.3 turbo svo motors were very easy to mod, actually in stock form in 1986 last year for the svo, first year for the 5.0 fuel injected, the svo would normally win, now in 1987 the 5.0 mustang received a bettar head/cam which bumped the hp up enough where the svo was a tad slower, but a svo can be made to run low 13's to hi 12's simply with exhaust and boost controller. There is an SVO that runs often where we run and his car is a 10.30 car, it runs well. With that said I still would rater have a V8, if I went through the trouble of pulling the 4 cylinder it would have gotten a 351, or a 460.
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