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Cold saw or a Band saw???

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  • Cold saw or a Band saw???

    I currently use a regular 14 in chop saw. I want to upgrade to a a better cutter. I chop solid round bar up to 2 inches, up to 4 inch square bar, up to 3 inch 4/6mm pipe. Any suggestions?

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    I like having both. I use the chop saw for cutting rebar and small solid rounds... the band saw does most of the tubing, larger solid rounds, pipe and plate up to 8 or 10" across. I bought a Ellis 1600, good band saw. I was impressed at how the Ellis 1600 worked at one of the weld shops I sometimes buy my my steel from. Turns out he is a Ellis dealer too. Bought mine back in 2003, make sure your tricky cuts are supported and clamped down well or you will go through blades.


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      Cold saw or a Band saw???

      Is it cleaner and more accurate with the band saw then?


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        The band saw is more cleaner but it's also more expensive. Young guys just starting out need so many things, a chop saw gets the job done leaving money to buy other tools and materials.

        Here's undressed cuts made on my Milwaukee chop saw. After dressing they would be plenty accurate enough to build with. I don't get bent out of shape over not having 100% accuracy on anything I do or build. Trying for 100% accuracy on warehouse steel is stupid and a big waste of time.

        Here's a picture of a Milwaukee 6180 chop saw like mine with a cast aluminum table and good vise.

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          Cold saws are not chop saws. Unless you dont mind holding down on a lever each time you make a cut, a band saw is the only way to go. Also takes a big cold saw to cut the sizes you need, quicker and cheaper to get a bandsaw. Also I hate the coolant mess from a cold saw, havent used mine for years.
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            If you ever need to cut aluminum, a band saw is better



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              Cold saw or a Band saw???

              Thanks very much, a band saw it is!


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                Originally posted by Bossman2000 View Post
                Thanks very much, a band saw it is!
                Have you picked out a saw yet? I like my Ellis dry saw, wet saws are not needed with todays alloyed steel blades. no mess to clean up after cutting.


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                  Cutting SOLID, i agree, the band saw is the best choice. Ellis is a awesome saw.
                  Your location and pricing will vary. Shipping isn't too bad either. Here's my local supplier in Wisconsin.
                  type in Ellis

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                    Band saw is better. Are you planning a large saw or just a hobby type?