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  • Forge is slowly coming along

    Got to use the dynabraid belt grinder to dress up inside holes, can't do that with my 4.5 mini grinders. Instead of buying a 3" pipe flange and bolting it on the cast iron drum for the wind pipe I chose Lincoln's dissimilar metal rod.... Specialty 3/32 Blue max 2100...good stuff. DC+ 40-70 amps or AC 50-80 amps.

    Still need to weld the 4" sq to the 3" nipple welded on the brake drum and mount the fan. Then comes building the forge's body, hood and legs.

    I can't believe how handy the belt grinder is, every welder needs to own one... they have every grade and grit for them. I use 60 grit, I bring things down with the mini grinders first so 60 works for me..

    The little Canon SX500IS is an amazing camera, all I did was crop the pictures, flash wasn't needed. Every other camera I have owned always got the colors wrong in the shop because of the shop's florescent lighting...not the Canon.

    Another feature I like is the flash doesn't automatically pop up, you have to help it up with your finger when flash is needed. I always hated when flash came on by itself...especially when shooting through glass or of something shiny.