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welding table for stainless and/or alu

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  • welding table for stainless and/or alu

    Any of youused builpro table (aluminum top) for welding stainless?
    Any reviews?
    Or anybody made some different for cheaper??
    Only need small top...but fairly thick
    Let me know!

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    welding table for stainless and/or alu

    I have a BuildPro table with a BlackOxide top. I wasn't aware that StrongHand tools had an option for an Aluminum top.

    The table was a gift from my wife... I'm pretty spoiled

    The table is awesome, and I highly recommend it if you do repetitive jobs requiring jigs.

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      Here is link to a previous post about welding tables.

      Lots of great ideas and photos.

      I have the steel version and am very happy with it.
      My post on this previous thread is number 30.

      Didn't know they make an alum version.

      If you are a millionaire, you can look at the Demmeler tables sold by Blueco out of Illinois.
      Very precise but you need deep pockets to buy one as well as the tooling.

      I priced one at Eastec several years ago and the tooling alone was more than what I paid for my house 33 years ago.

      Jesse James, formerly married to Sandra Bullock and a custom bike builder has one.

      Drawback is they are one piece so if you mess up the surface, you need a new one or lots of money for repairs.

      The advantage I see in the Buildpro version is that I can unbolt and replace a plate if it is damaged.
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