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Plasma gouging

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  • Plasma gouging

    Has anybody plasma gouged aluminum? Does it work good? How does it weld after gouging the material?

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    What exactly are you working on. Post more information and I bet people would be more than happy to help you along.


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      Plasma gouging

      The joint I'm working on is 3/8 fillet weld on both sides on 3/8 plate aluminum vertical up and I like to do it in 3 passes . The problems is sometimes the fit up isn't prefect and you end up with a gap of about 3/16 or less and when you weld your first pass the back side of the joint gets big globs from filling the gap. When I weld the other side I have to clean up the joint before welding with a die grinder because that's really the only tool that fits in the tight spot and it slow and I hate die grinding aluminum and I'm just wondering if I could use plasma gouging to clean up the joint before welding. I have been welding the joint with the mig and pulsed mig process


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        Tried ceramic backing on the side opposite your first fillet weld to contain and shape the melted root?
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