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  • best welding helmet

    Im a beggiber welder going to school and working at a welding shop what is a better helmet the lincoln 3350 or the miller 9400I money nog an issue if other choices are better pleases let kno

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    They are both really good hoods, it really comes Down to preference, I prefer the miller versatility with it's interchangeable parts with the miller elite series hoods, such as the headbands, and the clear lenses


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      best welding helmet

      I had miller elite and the speedglas both sit on a shelf still just use my fibre passive lens....


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        If there is any chance that you will be using it outside stay away from the 3350 like the plague. I got one for the advantage of the big window, which is great, but outdoors it's worse than worthless, can't turn the sensitive down low enough that it doesn't go dark every time you look up and if you try overhead on a clear day forget it.

        Fussed with Lincoln for over a month about it and they even sent me a replacement lens which was no different than the original. Finally told me that engineering said that was the way it worked and that was that. I'm stuck with it.

        I'm sure the Miller and Hobart hoods are good as I have a Hobart I've had about four years and it still works fine. Just wanted a larger window for the ease of my bifocals.
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          I have an Optrel e390? Anyway I like it for several reasons - shades down to #7 and the natural colors thru lens.
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            What about the miller titanium series


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              I use my Titanium 9400 mostly for GTAW and man it rocks. The headgear fits my noggin well with the occipital pad getting a good squeeze. The ratchet mechanism is solid, I take it on and off maybe 50 times per day, after one year it still clicks into place and stays there. Four sensors, WeldX mode for outdoors, alarm, arc timer, clock, all work very well. If you SMAW the external grind button is easy to toggle with gloved hands, the inside will flash red if you forget to return to Weld mode before the next arc.

              The inside buttons are not raised so if you need tactile confirmation, try another brand.

              Had an issue early on with the lens malfunctioning but Miller replaced it. The external lens covers are easy to replace, the inside will fit a standard magnifying lens.

              Only two things I would fix would be more side coverage to cut reflected arc, better ear coverage and slope the shelf on the faceplate that catches sparks and melts the plastic. For that reason I use the 9400 almost exclusively for GTAW and a Fibre Metal passive for SMAW, especially cellulosic rods.

              Never tried a Lincoln, no help there. You should look at 3M Speedglass too, hear good things about all of them except the headgear being a little cheesy and uncomfortable. The ones I looked at were solid though.

              Good luck in school man.
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                Just remember one thing you will be buying the cover plates for them so find a hood thats easy and affordable to get parts for. I see so many guys whining they can't afford the parts for their high dollar helmet...Bob
                Bob Wright


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                  best welding helmet

                  I love my 3M Speedglas helmets. I got a G1 Miller helmet and I HATE IT.


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                    I got a Lincoln and don't remember the model, gesh but it was about 200. Came with extra lens cover and bag I don't use. I thought I wanted the larger view but put a cheater in it so that didn't make much sense.

                    The head gear works great and it seems to be a good quality hood all around.


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                      Stevenj are you a welding instructor at morris county?


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                        It's really personal preference. There are a lot of really good helmets out there. My recommendation is for your primary helmet don't go cheap (not that you are).

                        aametalmaster has a really good point about the cover lenses. Having to get special cover plates won't bother you at first but after a while it most likely will. Personally, I wouldn't get a helmet that required me to get special cover plates (none of my helmets have them), or which were a pain to change, but that's just me.

                        I like my Jackson NexGen quite a bit. Also like my Jackson Halo X with a fixed shade #10 glass gold mirror lens in it. If you don't like really flexible helmets then the HaloX isn't for you. Have a couple other cheapo helmets with standard fixed shades in them as backups. Rarley use them though.

                        If you haven't already; go down to a few local welding supply stores (if you have them) and check a few out. Look at the head gear, cover plates, easy of operating the controls, number and type of sensors, etc and see what you like. Headgear that is comfortable, stays put, and which is operable with gloves on is a big deal for me. Also like to be able to adjust the controls with my gloves on too.

                        Have fun in school


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                          best welding helmet

                          I'm assuming that's you joe... Yes I am lol


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                            Yeah Steve it's me lol.


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                              Best welding helmet

                              It is about preference but a good helmet is a good helmet ; i have a tried many and let me tell you jackson true sigth is very good. I have some degree of color blindness and this one make my life easier the amber allows to see the puddle with better definition;specially when tig welding, read all the reviews out there and then decide whaht to buy