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tig welding 4130 chromoly to titanium

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  • tig welding 4130 chromoly to titanium

    What is the procedure to tig weld 7/8" diameter, .058" wall 4130 chromoly round tubing to 7/8" diameter, .035" wall titanium round tubing? What type of filler rod should I be using? Also what size and type of tungsten. Lastly, if anyone can expand on their experiences with welding titanium. Thank you

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    I just looked it up in my AWS manuals and the only mention about joining these two dissimmilar metals was to use vanadium as a middle layer and to spot weld the metals, but this does not offer any help to you. I believe that it is best said that it is not readily done.


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      It is definitly not done on a regular basis.. You are going where no man has gone before.... I borrowed that Anyway, I fear that cracking will occur if this joint is subjected to any loads. We have had problems with Titanium shifter handles and the bolt that is welded to the handle breaking after welding.

      If you do attemp this, Titanium is very atmosphere sensative. Weld this in an Argon chamber or at least provide a trailing gas to shield the weld area until the Titanium cools under 800 degrees.

      Looking into what filler to use.