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AC Stick Welding Project: Plasma Cutting Flat Stock Decapitator of Doom

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  • AC Stick Welding Project: Plasma Cutting Flat Stock Decapitator of Doom

    Morning, everyone!

    This is my newest project... I go through a LOT of 2" flat bar stock, 3/16 and 1/4 thick in the production of my YouTube videos, and I'm always looking for a better way to slice & dice it so its ready to use...

    I decided I'd make a combination dead-stop and straight edge for the plasma to speed things up, and so I did... I used nothing but scrap metal from around the shop, leftovers from other projects, and A/C on my Hobart Stick-Mate (which I resurrected for this build) just to make things that much more interesting.

    I completed this build with 6011 and 6013 only:

    And I'm pretty thrilled with how it came out. The guides are fully adjustable width-wise on a pair of rails, they're just clamped down so I can set this device to cut flat stock from 1" in width, to 10" wide.

    Also, the straight edge can be moved back and fourth, distance wise, so that I can cut strips between 1" and 8" long.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this project... Hope you guys like the video

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    Decent idea to speed up your process. I have watched several of your videos and always pick up a good point. Sure takes a lot of time shooting the videos im sure. I am going to make a jig to use for my plasma but haven't got a design i like yet. Thanks for the video...................Fireman Bill
    HH 210MVP
    Spoolrunner 100
    Powercraft AC buzz box
    Lotas LTP5000D plasma
    Victor Oxy/Acet
    30 ton press
    A few brand name tools
    Lots of no name tools
    A wife to worry me
    and 4 dogs to supervise me


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      Noooo problem, thanks for watching. Glad you enjoyed it


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        Never got to see the welding project. All the waving around of the camera made me too seasick. Try putting that thing on a tripod.