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  • Anybody Know SMF

    Anybody know of this company? They will opening a business here later this year. Just wondering if anybody has any knowledge about them.

    I know management will differ from one location to the next but sometimes you can get a broad view from peoples opinions as to how they operate.

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    News article:
    Miller stuff:
    Dialarc 250 (1974)
    Syncrowave 250 (1992)
    Spot welder (Dayton badged)


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      thanks pop, I had seen the article and one other but that's about it. I was kind of thinking about checking them out and I found out they will be supplying CAT. The job I work in now supply's CAT.

      Different products but dependent on the same customer. Not that I don't like CAT, they are the cream of the crop.

      But once again all the eggs would be in the same basket. I don't know, just asking around.