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  • Need part time or on call work

    Hi all, First off, sorry to post this request here, but there was no provision for work related post and I'm in a pinch so here goes......

    I am in Chicago temporarily helping a dear friend fight his cancer. My wife and I arrived about two weeks ago just to visit but when we saw the condition he was in and the stress on his wife to care for him, I decided to close up shop in Phoenix. We have friends and family watching our place, getting our mail, feeding and walking our dogs, etc. I figure to be in town anywhere from two to four months. Maybe longer, we'll see how my friend progresses. Right now it is touch and go and he literally has one foot in the grave. We are working hard to get him treatments that are outside the normal box of radiation and chemo. He has pancreatic cancer and gave him less than a year. He has hung on over three years with a lot of alternative treatments (acupuncture, herbs, etc.)

    To the point........

    I am looking for welding work on a strictly part time or on call basis. MY presence is needed or I would go full time. Anyone have any leads or ideas?

    I have been at this trade for almost 40 years and have done and seen a lot in terms of equipment, processes, etc. Although there is a lot I haven't done. My background is in the maintenance welding and heavy fabrication end of the spectrum (steel mill, ship yard stuff) but I have slid over into doing fine tig welding on stainless and aluminum.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for any help or leads,


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    Too far from Ne Ohio we could use ya. Good luck...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      i figured id give you a bump to the top.your one **** of a friend! i wish i had friends as good as you. good luck finding some work.