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  • Help with Miller AEAD 200LE

    Hello all,
    First post on this forum. But, looks like yall are the guys to talk to. My retired grandfather has a Miller AEAD200le in the back of his garage. Recently, my father saw it and offered to buy it from him. So my grandfather and I pulled it out cleaned up the fuel lines and carb. It starts right up, runs great, but when the weld/power switch is switched to power it dies. What could this be? The switch?I read maybe a micro swicth connected to the coil? Has anybody encoutered this problem before? thanks for any help!

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    Are you setting the switch to power without setting the throttle to the slower POWER speed?

    There's a "Power Safety" micro switch activated by the throttle position that kills the engine (switch opens) if the WELD/POWER switch is in POWER but the throttle is still in the higher speed WELD position.

    It's designed that way to prevent sending over voltage to electrical equipment connected to the machine at WELD speed.
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