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welding on AC ??

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  • welding on AC ??

    Hi so here is another post ! (Question) I was welding the other day and just trying some different things,
    I was welding with some 3/32 6010 at 78 amps!
    Then decided to try a bit of 6011 on AC...... now here is the question, while welding at 78 amps with 6010 on elec+,, everything was fine.... when I went to 6011, AC. It was a bit hot so I flipped my hood and looked at the read out,,before it changed back, it was 104 amps,, 40.1volts???
    and then it went back to 78 on the display.
    Is this right? or have I got a problem?
    Machine is a 302TB EFI