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synchrowave 200: Flow meter, gas lens

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  • synchrowave 200: Flow meter, gas lens

    Hi All,

    I am still a novice tig welder and I am changing out my argon bottle for the first time. It seems like it did not last very long. I do not have a flow meter and I think that may have contributed to it quick demise. With the regulator I had it to about 40 psi. Can someone recommend a flow meter to use with my machine? What flow do I need for steel and Aluminum? Also, question about the gas lens. Do they reduce the amount of argon used and can they be used for general purpose welding?


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    Go on eBay to USAweld seller. That's HTPs site.

    Dont pay for anything individually. They will invoice you for all items and combine shipping when youre done.

    You can get a decent flowmeter from them for $30. Gas lenses are around $2 each. Note that gas lenses are not that Pyrex cup thing (when I started I thought that) they screw into your torch. You will need different cups and an insulator because the diameter is larger than your standard collet.

    The HTP description for each item should have a chart in it with all the part numbers of what you will will need for a given setup.

    Argon is measured for tig welding by flow, not pressure. If you're using a pressure gauge, the flow will be different based on the resistance of the system. God only knows what you were flowing at 40 psi. The gas lens straightens out the gas flow, so you can use less gas flow and have a longer stickout when needed and still good gas coverage. I get buy with around 10 cfh on aluminum and 8 on steel with my 20 series torch and a gas lens.


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      I'm sure you mean 40 may have a gauge reading in psi but that would be a little rare. Either way, sounds high. You should get the miller weld settings program or app if you have a smartphone. I think it's on their website too. Gets your settings to roughly start with.
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        Thanks all for the replies. I only have a pressure gauge to measure tank pressure and outlet pressure so I think it is psi and not cfm. I set it to 40psi because I do not know where it should be set at.