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miller 180 wire sticks to spot weld

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  • miller 180 wire sticks to spot weld

    i do a lot of sheetmetal butt welding on my old cars. i got this 180 for the job and i find the wire sticking to the spot weld quite a lot as the trigger is released. C25 gas and 023 wire. i used my old snapon (century) mig for 25 years and it never did that. any ideas or do these welders tend to do that? another thing that bugs me is with the spot welding, there's a lot more sparks coming off every spot than the old snapon ever did.

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    I don't have any of those issues with my 180. Are you running auto set?


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      What do you mean stick to spot weld?

      My 180 doesn't do that either, maybe turn up the gas and make sure the nozzle isn't puked up and the gas holes in the tip adapter are clean..

      What kind of metal? Galvo? Clean metal?

      Lincoln's ER70S-6 says 30 to 50 cfm. Make sure your plier cuts are at 90 degrees.... a sharp point on the end of the wire will effect starts. I hope someone has the answer.

      Hold the trigger and see if the gas is the same CFM as when you set it without holding the trigger, could be another new machine regulator problem.


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        The only time I get the wire to stick after releasing is if I moved the torch into the material right as I was releasing the trigger. Aka user error, not saying this is your problem just my experiences. I use pinnacle alloys er70s-6, .030 and .023, c25, between 12-25 cfh.