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debate 30A sppolgun and the MK Prince XL spoolgun

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  • debate 30A sppolgun and the MK Prince XL spoolgun

    What did you like about the two and did not like? I have welded with the prince XL push pull but am looking at the prince XL spoolgun and not enough to say i really welded with the 30A miller brand. Just would like yalls thoughts on the two to help me decide?


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    Think of that first crap in the morning, then think of a prince spoolgun, its about the same....


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      I weld on some weekends in my buddies truck garage. And he has the prince spool gun and i hate it. Always working on it. I told him never again so i take my miller and spool gun with me. Just the high priced tips are enough not to buy one...Bob
      Bob Wright

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        Lincoln makes some exceptional products...

        Unfortunately their spools guns are not . The units i had experience with were very clunky and looked like some elementary school student put it together as a school experiment. That being said, i dont bash the entire brand, The spoolmatic 30 a is a very good rugged and reliable unit that will give good service for many years. I like the newer gun body design that has the hinged lid as apposed to the old slide off cover, and the compatibility with the newer consumables are a definite plus.
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          Ahhh, most of Lincoln spool guns are made by MK products, Lincoln doesn't even warranty them.. I refuse to do a MK products warranty, its just a hassle.
          parts are expensive, consumable are expensive, as well as, few LWS's carry consumables for them.