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What's it worth? Diversion 165...

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  • What's it worth? Diversion 165...

    I have a plan for my side business. I am basically taking all profits and saving towards a Dynasty 200 tigrunner. I am close to where I need to be and want to sell my Diversion 165 soon. It has a flexhead torch, optional foot pedal and a make do/modified cart. It is about 4 years old but in excellent condition. I am going to sell on craigslist and just curious what a reasonable price would be? Thanks. Dave

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    Don't take less than a grand

    Stick with $1000. No less. Let the beginner know what a deal it is getting the foot pedal. And that this is a well tested machine and they can take it for service if ever necessary. Probably a first timer would buy this, show him the site and it's list price @ $1465. Let him know that spending this kind of money, you want to be able to carry it in somewhere. Nice round number. No lower. List it for 1200 and let him talk you down. Or don't. It'll be great to get a new welder into the fold. Good luck